Look Beautiful, Without all the Fuss

With or without crying babes, why spend your time primping in the bathroom instead of out and about doing the things you love? Well, without sacrificing myself up to “the mom look”  I’ve figured out how to whittle my mirror time down to 5 minutes,  and as an Esthetician that is quite the feat! Here’s my guide to a polished look in under five…

ONE:  Wear MOISTURIZER and EYE CREME!  Women! We spend our early years so paranoid about pimples we dry out our faces like prunes and then complain when we get wrinkles. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see twenty and thirty something’s make. Don’t wait till you have crows-feet to wear eye-creme.

TWO: Mascara. Not too much…just a natural looking dark eye lash makes you look so much more “done-up” than nothing. Whatever you do friends…DON’T just wear eye-shadow. If your gonna put on one eye product it should be mascara.

THREE: While your bushing your teeth brush your lips! Don’t buy into all those expensive lip exfoliants; you’ll get all the same benefits from brushing your lips with your tooth brush and following with a good moisturizing chap-stick. Then, lip-gloss.

FOUR: Finish with a light touch of blush. Remember to always wear the same color on your cheeks as your lips. (if you’re wearing rose blush, don’t wear peach lip-gloss)


That’s it! I brush my hair in the shower and let it air dry (which is why it’s still wet in the picture above)…I believe skin is healthiest and looks best when it can breath, so I only wear concealer and powder if I’m having an evening out or I’ve been up all night with the baby. Its simple and quick and refreshing. Give it a try.

Any tips you’ve used to shorten your getting-ready-time?

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