The dusty blog…


As I’m sure it’s been apparent for several months now…Fig&Sparrow is on it’s way out.. . I’m tossing around the idea of starting a new blog that better fits our life now. Truth be told the last several months have been hard ones. Every since my little Saige was born I’ve been wading through the heavy muck of “post-postpartum depression” as they call it. It is a difficult thing to digest and conquer and even more difficult to describe so I’ll leave it at that for now.  On top of this LQ has had mono. He is much better now but I’ll tell you; there is a reason two year olds are not supposed to get mono…Handing someone who has no coping skills a long drawn out and pretty severe sickness to try and cope with is just cruel. My darling LQ, who has dealt with much in such a short time…Be well my son.


Baby Saige is a blossom. Joyful and full of affection for all. He sleeps through the night and coos and has just started rolling over. He is the light that shines through each of our days.

My life is very full right now.   My heart so quickly expanding.   Every moment filled with giggling sons and piles of dirty laundry. I’m thoroughly enjoying updating our new little home, and have big plans for the year to come… Our big goal is to supply 90% of our own food without buying any of it. It seemed a lofty one at first but we’ve been reading up on it and preparing for a large garden next year. M. has been hunting and (get ready for this) We’ve even salvaged some fresh venison road-kill! Here’s to radical FREE-dom.  IF I do start one; the new blog will be largely focused on our “Homesteading” experience…I also want to share more of my personal thoughts and journal entries with only occasional guest interviews and such when applicable.

I will of course link to the new blog when its up, and I hope you all keep in touch. Just email me as I am deleting the fb site today as well.  I’ve  so loved every minute of Fig&Sparrow and learned so much…I think for now though, it’s time for a new home.


Here’s to coming days and the holy joy that’s still unfolding in all of us. Here is to exploring new things and allowing ourselves to be fully experienced by those around us.  Here’s to all of you…be blessed.



Preparing the place…


Well loves…our internet is still quite spotty and apparently it might be awhile to work that whole ordeal out. As of now though there is one spot that I just found in the new house where it usually works.

We are LOVING our new home. Every single day M. and I look at around and just marvel at how blessed we are to have this place to call home.

We are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of our second.  I’m due this week so he really could be with us any day!!! I’m so filled with joy about this season of life and am truly soaking in every minute.

Some great before and (after/durings) coming right up (: Hopefully later today if the sun decides to shine.


Dreaming about son # 2



Well our second son will be arriving this July in the heat of it all. We are getting SO EXCITED!!!  Now that it’s my second time around I know what I most missed and mainly what I had but didn’t need. This time around I’m picking a few favorites and I’ve shed all the non-necessities which makes everything seem so much less overwhelming. Here are a few of my most desired items to sooth, cloth and adorn him. Looking at this I can almost feel him in my arms!

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LQ turns Two (or) How to throw the simplest party ever.

IMG_9670 My little Indian turned two last week. I cannot believe how the time slips past. We have been so busy lately that I threw the simplest party possible. Just a little morning get together at the park with some little friends + cake…A combination that never fails. Continue reading